What is an alkaline diet?

You probably read about many type of diets and you’re wondering what is an alkaline diet, right? Nowadays many individuals are suffering from various allergies, diseases, heart problems and so on. Because of some diets you can lose your body’s balance and many diseases can arise. Eating healthy weight loss foods can’t make us sure that will get rid of any different diseases.

What is an alkaline diet? What is an alkaline diet pictures

The pH level of our body shows us if you have a healthy and steady alkaline to acid ratio. A level that is lower than 7 is considered acidic. Usually processed foods, meat products, sweets and some beverages and especially condiments are producing too many amounts of acidity that our body can support.

Health experts believe that the high level of acidity is responsible for many fatal diseases.

The role of alkaline in our body is to neutralize excess acidity. We have to consume many alkaline diet foods if we want to maintain its level in the body.

If you want to find the alkaline level from your body you can make a saliva strip test or a urine strip test that you can buy from any drug store. They will show you the level of acidity in your body, and thus you can find out if you need more alkaline to become healthier.

First signs of high acidity level are: exhaustion, headaches and frequent colds and flu. Even if you’re on medication to treat these signs your symptoms can be masked and your health affected. To gain your health you have to bring your pH level back to normal.

To have a healthier body you have to consume a long rage of alkaline diet foods and to change your eating habits. The first step in consuming alkaline food is to start cutting processed foods from your daily diet because they contain many chemicals that will increase your acidity level.

Alkaline food doesn’t include meat, or any kind of meat products. Once you found out what is an alkaline diet you will know that you will have to give up to dairies and alcohol. Fruits and vegetables are considered to be alkaline food diets because they are high in alkalinity, including acidic fruits like oranges and lemons. So, you have to consume 75% alkaline food every day. If you’re eating every day more and more alkaline diet foods you will help your body become healthier.

The neutralization of acids will be higher due to alkaline diet foods. So, now when you found out what is an alkaline diet you should get started a healthier life.


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