The raw food diet

If you wonder yourself what is a raw food diet then here are your answers. Following a raw food diet you will have many benefits like a healthier and a longer lived life. Reading this article you will find out that a raw food diet is offering you a lot of nutrients that you will never find in cooked food.

The raw food diet The raw food diet picture

The first answer for you question what is a raw food diet, is: hormones. The raw food diet has many super foods and herbal adaptogens that contain a lot of natural hormones you can’t find in cooked food (maca, mucuna, pruriens, cacao beans, royal jelly, different type of sprouts and bee pollen). A raw food diet will maintain a proper level of hormonal health that is often associated with young people.

The next answer to your question what is a raw food diet, is: oxygen. Usually we get the perfect level of oxygen from our food, water and breathing pure air. Following a raw food diet you will get the benefits of an extra oxygen cure, because nowadays, the world has a big deficit of the most important fuel of our organism: the oxygen.

Phytochemicals have a great role in a longer and healthier life. Following a raw food diet you will get benefits for your endocrine system all due to the phytochemicals because they include all the natural antioxidants that you need, polysaccharides, nucleic acids, alkaloids and many more.

Enzymes play also a big part in a healthier life. Dr. Edward Howell discovered that we are born with a number of enzymes that can keep us alive until we reach 200 years. He also proved that cooked food uses metabolic enzymes to transform it into digestive enzymes. But here comes the raw food diet to save you by containing half of the enzymes needed to be transformed.

The paramagnetic field from the live raw food will be benefic for your body’s electrical field. Live foods practically charge your body. Dr. Fritz Popp proved that human body is retaining, absorbing and emitting photons. Cooked food will weaken your body by requiring you body to fill up the dead matter with photons to be assimilated.

Water is another important element that will make you healthier. The raw food diet is indicating you to eat juicy and fresh foods if you want to look juicy and fresh. Cooked food always dehydrates food.

So, if you want to know what a raw food diet is and what are its benefits start reading more about eating only fruits and vegetables for several days. And I can assure you that after a while you will love your raw food diet and how it makes you feel.


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