The best diet plans for women

There is a constant search for the best diet plans for women in our society because we have created for ourselves this false image that we all have to look perfect, especially women. There are a lot of famous diets on the market but they do not give the same results to all women because we are different. If you look closely you will notice that all the diets you will find on the market have the same starting principles. They all say that you will lose a lot of pounds by removing white flower from your diet, by eating a lot of vegetables and by keeping away from the high cholesterol products. These are all true but you will not lose weight if you do not start exercising and if you do not drink and lest 64 ounces of water every day. Here are some of the best diet plans for women:

The best diet plans for women The best diet plans for women pictures


* Low-Carbohydrate

Women who want to lose weight fast should try the low carb diet. This diet does not represent an eating plan for the rest of your life it is a starting point to your normal diet. So, what you should do is eliminate all the bread, pasta and potatoes from your kitchen. Unlike other diets where you have to count the calories in the low cab diet you have to count the amount of carbs you eat every day. A normal portion should be of 30 grams of carbs per day.

* Vegetarian

If you want to reduce fat from your diet the best way is through the vegetarian diet plan. Vegetarians only eat fruits and vegetables which are low in fat. For women it is not recommended a vegan diet because here you can not eat eggs and can not drink milk. These are necessary to women because they need calcium which is why the vegetarian diet is the right choice. However, you can try various simple soup recipes with just vegetables; they are ideal for your overall health, providing you with much-needed vitamins and nutrients, boosting your immune system and giving you a healthy aspect. You can find a multitude of simple soup recipes with all sorts of characteristics, and if you can’t be a vegetarian, adding a bit of lean meat can only make them tastier.

* Cholesterol reducing

Another method to lose weight is by cutting down your calories to 1200 per day. When you follow this diet plan you should stick to 17 % of fat. Eat a lot of foods that have fibers such as: vegetables and bread. You will see that in a couple of weeks your cholesterol level will change.

It is hard to say what are the best diet plans for women because they are so many and they do not offer the same results to all women. If you want to lose weight the right way you should talk to a nutritionist.


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