Pregnancy diet

If you are a soon-to-be mom you need to take into account that what you eat can affect your well-being along with your baby’s development. Every pregnant woman needs to monitor what she ingests every day very carefully in order to care for the growing baby inside her. Moreover, you need to know that during pregnancy, your immune system is somehow more vulnerable and you can easily catch some diseases. So pay attention to whatever you are eating and follow a few recommendations we have for you in regard to what you should eat and what you shouldn’t.

Pregnancy diet Pregnancy diet pictures

You should know that basically a pregnancy diet should aim well-balanced meals. It is very important to respect the three meals every normal person should have on a daily basis. But, since you are pregnant, you should count that apart from the basic three meals you need to have some healthy snacks in between. When talking about the number of meals pregnant women should have there are simply no rules. You should eat every time you are hungry and not starve yourself. The only things that could keep you away from nourishing you body are the morning sickness and nausea. Even if you experience these conditions, you should make sure to provide your body with the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins. However, if nausea cuts your appetite, you need to consider some vitamin-mineral supplements to ensure these essential nutrients for your growing baby.

You should consider including fresh fruits and vegetables, some starchy foods, dairy products and foods high in proteins in the pregnancy diet. It should be pointless to explain why you need to include fresh fruits, legumes and veggies into your eating plan. These aliments are high in vitamins and minerals and they are very important in ensuring the necessary amounts of nutrients both you and you baby need for staying healthy. In the starchy foods category we can mention pasta, bread, whole grains, sweet potatoes and rice. The foods rich in protein comprise poultry, red meat, beans and eggs. Having mozzarella or cottage cheese, milk and yoghurt included in your pregnancy diet is also a healthy way to eat during pregnancy. But you need to avoid unpasteurized foods in your dairy products, as they can lead to certain food-borne illnesses.

Among the foods not to eat during pregnancy we should also mention sea foods high in mercury like swordfish, marlin, shark and tuna. Moreover, it is very important to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and coffee during your pregnancy months.


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