How to drink alcohol on a low carb diet

Every woman who has a cocktail once in a while has wondered how to drink alcohol on a low carb diet because they think that when you follow this kind of diet it is impossible to introduce alcohol too. This diet was developed by Doctor Atkins who has specialized on diets over the years. From all of his diets the low carb diet is the best way to stay fit and healthy at the same time. For those who do not know this you can drink alcohol during your diet you just have to drink in moderation and make a quick selection of what you can and can not drink. To make your life easier read the facts about carbs and alcohol. After you do this you will be able to choose a cocktail very easy.

How to drink alcohol on a low carb diet How to drink alcohol on a low carb diet pictures

Here are some instructions on how to drink alcohol on a low carb diet:

* Buy a low carb diet book and look at the drinks section. In the drinks section you will find all the beverages you can drink when you are on this diet.

* If you want to buy a beer, buy one that has low carb written on the label. This is the only beer that is good for you when you are on diet because the rest of them have carbs which you do not need.

* For those who enjoy having a glass of wine they should drink only dry wines because they do not have a lot of carbs. The ones that you should stay away from are the sweet ones because they are full of sugar which means that they do not belong in your diet.

* If you want to drink a mixer you should choose carefully because most of them are full of sugar. An ideal drink should consist only in rum, vodka or gin because they have 0 carbs. But if you want a mixture you should stick to diet cola, club soda or lime juice.

* If you go out with the boys or with your girlfriends you should not drink alcohol the entire evening, alternate the alcoholic and the non alcoholic and you will be just fine.

* You are only allowed to drink alcohol after you have passed the first phase of the low carb diet.

Now you know how to drink alcohol on a low carb diet without ever going wrong. You can drink while you are on a diet you just have to do it in moderation.


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