Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is not you typical way to lose weight because it is not based on the fact that if you eat less and you eliminate fat you will lose weight. The theory base of this diet is that only processed carbohydrates and starchy ones make you gain weight. It is said and proved that if you limit the amount of carbohydrates and increase the level of proteins you introduce in your body you will lose weight faster. Nutritionists have noticed the amazing effects of the Atkins diet in obese women and the ones suffering from premenopausal. These two categories of women lost a lot of weight with the help of this diet and they felt amazing. The results were better than the ones from other famous diets like: Zone or Ornish.

Atkins Diet Atkins Diet Pictures

Now we going to tell you what will meals consist of during the Atkins diet:

* We will be able to eat lobster with butter, a stake with Burmese sauce or a bacon cheeseburger. As you can see you are not going to starve yourself, you will still be able to eat very tasty dishes. There are foods that you are not allowed to eat and they are: beans, most fruits because they are full of sugar, starchy vegetables, grains and bread. At the beginning of the diet you will only be allowed to eat a small quantity of carbs but as you move forward this quantity will increase. For those who want to have a healthy heart or have problems with the heart they will have to replace the bacon cheeseburger with fish.

* This allows you to go out to dinner because nowadays there are a lot of restaurants who have low carb dishes. You will not have to start calculating the fat from every dish you want to eat.

* The Atkins diet is not recommended for the entire family because it is low in fruits vegetables and grains which your children need in order to develop.

* During the first two weeks of your diet you are not allowed to drink coffee or alcohol. After these two weeks you can drink them as long as you do not go over the admitted limit of carbohydrates.

If you are overweight or if you have gained weight in the premenopausal period the Atkins diet is the perfect way to shed those pounds.


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