1400 calorie diet

There are so many diets available today for those that are overweight, that it can easily get confusing to choose between them. If you are very disappointed with your weight gain and you need to do something immediately in order to change your situation, then you should pick the 1400 calorie diet. You are guaranteed not to go wrong with this diet because it keeps track of your calories intake rather than of the foods you consume. However, if you need to improve your health or to recover from some severe illnesses, it is essential to try eating more natural dishes rather than certain processed foods; this way you will feel better and you will gain more energy.

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The great thing about the 1400 calorie diet is that it allows people to stick to what they eat on a regular basis and and only make some changes in the quantities of food they eat daily. This dietary regime can be used by everyone, including vegetarians and diabetics who need to adapt their eating plan according to their eating needs. Everything is permitted in your meals as long as you don’t exceed the 1400 calorie value at the end of the day. This eating plan aims to allow people to eat nourishing and filling foods. Once you’ve started the diet you should know you can eat from poultry, fish and red meat to various vegetables and fruits. Unlike other diets that can get you starving, this one permits you full access to different types of foods that can give you the essential nutrients your body needs.

Basically, what this diet proposes is to have five or six small portions of meals to eat instead of the commonly used three meals per day. That way, this eating plan aims to steady your blood sugar levels. The glucose, or the blood sugar, is among the main factors that lead to gaining weight. So, with this diet, you will eat smaller quantities of foods on a more frequently basis. Moreover, you will get to control blood sugar levels and avoid the sudden rise or fall of blood sugar, which happen when eating three large meals.

The 1400 calorie diet also targets the burning of fat and avoids muscle mass loss. You should know that, unfortunately, many short term diets along with burning fat lead to losing muscle mass, which is not helpful for achieving weight loss. This diet is a diet for all days and it is quite easy to follow if you count the calorie value of the foods you eat on a daily basis.


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